Use the below tips when setting up your profile with Quick Fuck to make the most out of your experience and maximise your chances of finding compatible buddies for quick sex.

  • Get a good quality photo of yourself! Be it a nice head shot, or a photo a bit more x-rated, make sure the quality is good and doesn’t look like it’s been taken with a potato
  • State your intentions on your profile. Don’t be shy in telling other members what you are after and what you enjoy. People appreciate honesty and there is nothing wrong with wanting to try certain things on a casual hookup
  • Be open to other member’s fetishes. Don’t get scared off if they’re into something you haven’t tried before. You don’t have to try these fetishes if you hookup with them, but hey, you might even really like them!
  • Be unique! Don’t copy someone else’s profile because you think it will work better – people can see through that once they start talking to you.

Most of all enjoy your Quick Fuck experience and have fun on your naughty encounters!

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