Oftentimes, a relationship that starts out casual can quickly turn into full on commitment. That’s great…IF that’s what you’re looking for! Here are some tell-tale signs that a relationship that used to be about a quick fuck has turned into something more serious:

– Pet names have started being used. Whether it’s ‘baby’, ‘lover’, a shortening of your name or any other nickname, this is a sign your hookup sees things as being more serious
– You are in constant contact with them. Messages right after you leave or calls when they are on their lunchbreak can often be daunting for someone only looking for something casual
– Your friend with benefits wants to meet your family or friends… maybe they’re not after just quick sex anymore
– Spending more time together than apart is becoming the norm. Hey, maybe you’re both now ready for commitment – if so, great!
– Leaving things at each other’s house occurs often and it’s not uncommon for you both to have public displays of affection

If the above apply to you and you spend less time having sex and more time doing relationship things then maybe things are progressing from a casual hookup to a serious relationship. Make sure this is what you’re after as there are pros and cons of both types of relationships!

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